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Computers attract me since I was a kid. My first computer was a Pentium 100 with 4MB of RAM. I know that because Age of Empires II required 8 MB and I couldn’t play it. I started using Linux when I was a teenager. I broke my system frequently as I loved to mess with it. Internet and the pain of an unbootable system were my teachers. My first de facto programming experiences happened around that time, fixing trivial bugs and recompiling programs to increase performance ‒ was a thing at the time.

I like computers, games, bikes, dogs, literature, sci-fi & futurism. I advocate for open knowledge, useful tech and interoperabilty. I dream of a future where technology serve men, where people can enjoy their lives less constrained by social and material pressures and enabled to work towards sustainable human progress.

I am not playing as much nowadays but for a time they were kind of an addiction. Simulation, sandbox, strategy and exploration are the genres I enjoy the most. You can find me at Steam.

On the subject of music, progressive metal is my thing. I enjoy Ayreon, Nightwish, Avantasia, Blind Guardian, Sonata Artica…

Some cultural references and works that I recommend: Robinson Crusoe, The Hobbit, Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy books, Foundation series and other books from Asimov, Sandman HQ from Gaiman, Sapkowski books, Akira, Evangelion, Ghost In The Shell and other works from Shirow.

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Posixtronic is a combination of the words posix and positronic. POSIX is a family of standards from the late 80s designed for interoperability between operational systems. It’s old but still most contemporary OSs like Linux, Android, macOS still follow those standards, at least partially, and even Microsoft has it Windows Subsystem for Linux. Positronic is an allusion to the positronic brain, word coined by Asimov, refering to a fictional tech that allowed the robots, in his universe to have intelligence equal/higher than that of humans.