Journal is a place to organize your life and get things done. It is an agnostic CLI approach to personal organization and note taking.


fzfX multiplies the power of fzf by providing zero-configuration battle-tested applications to common use cases of fzf. It delivers the power of finding, previewing, editing and managing any file in few key strokes.


Automatic Robust Backup or A.R.B. is an archiving and synchronization tool with automation, encryption, redundancy and performance as it goals. It is fast to deploy and provides pre-built use cases and sensible defaults. It is declarative and easy to customize.


I definitely spent at least a couple of hundred hours tinkering with tools and improving my setup. Check my dotfiles and themes.


  • publisher: content management for static site generators. API and CLI for exporting markdown to the web.
  • photon: a local first (no-cloud) alternative to Google Photos and cloud photo archiving.
  • autogallery: a Pinterest-esque self-contained photo gallery automagically generated from a shell script.
  • resume: a modern, clean and readable resume and cover letter HTML template